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We Are Committed

To excellence and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our Location

Fishtec is strategically located in the center of Anse Royale. To get in touch with us. Call +248 2610280, +248 4371082 Or Email fishtechsey@gmail.com

Our Facilities

Our most modern fish processing facilities provide the local public, top restaurants and the export markets with high quality fishery and seafood products.

Our Goals

Our goals and commitment to excellence and ultimate customers’ satisfaction take us straight to the local source to procure and distribute prime quality products.

Fish Products
By Fishtec

Only the best
quality products

Job Fish
Snapper Familly
Grouper Familly
Sword Fish
Captain Familly
Your Fishmonger

Providing superior quality fish and seafood products each day in Seychelles, preparing it to your requirements and delivering to your kitchen. Our facilities are HACCP certified, giving you the reassurance you're choosing a fish supplier committed to quality products and service.

Other Products & Services

A wide variety of local and imported seafood products is also to be found in the first fish shop on the island to make such ready-to cook products available outside Victoria. More than ever our commitment is to make your life easier!

Fish Ball

Fish Burger

Smoke Fish

Fish Roe

Fresh off the boat...

They keep coming in Fresh...new
batch in Everyday!